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Los Angeles, CA


Fursuit Ordering

Fursuit Ordering Page

Here you can order a custom fursuit when we are open. Please read our terms of service before ordering. Must be at least 18 years old to order.

Name *
Your Birth Date *
Your Birth Date
Please enter your birth date. You must be at least 18 years old to order.
Address *
We will need your mailing address to calculate a proper shipping quote.
Desired Completion Date
Desired Completion Date
We will post on our site & social media for the completion season. Please specify your desired date of when to have your fursuit by. This date is not guaranteed, but we will do all that we can to get your fursuit done in a reasonable time. We do not offer convention deadlines, so please plan accordingly when ordering. You may also leave blank if you do not have a preference.
Please enter your height. This helps us calculate the amount of materials needed.
Please enter your weight. This helps us calculate how much materials are needed.
Please link us any concept art that you have for your character. Please keep artwork PG. If you do not have any artwork, please provide a description. We are also happy to help you design your suit as well.
Body Style *
Please select the body type for your suit.
Please state if you would like us to add a hidden pocket to your bodysuit for personal items. Tell us where on the body you would like it, and how big of a size.
Feet Style *
Please check off which feet style you would like. Indoor feet have soft fabric bottoms with paw pads sewn on (where applicable). Outdoor feet have a solid rubber bottom. Our feet are built on comfortable slippers by default. However we can build them without shoes or on another shoe of your preference. Please let us know in the Additional Comments section if you have a preference.
Please state if you are a US Mens or Womens size.
Please state the number of toes your would like on your fursuit feet. (If applicable) Write 0 if it's a solid hoof.
Hand Paw Style *
Please select which hand paw style you would like. You can choose to have detached hand paws which can be used for partial suiting, or to have them attached to your body suit with snaps at the wrists to allow your human hands to come out for ease of use. Our hand paws come fully lined with a comfortable lycra fabric.
Please state how many digits you would like on your fursuit hands between 3-5.
Finger Style *
Here you can choose whether to have the fingers stuffed, or unstuffed with more of a glove style of fit.
Please check off if you would like claws added to your costume.
Please state if you would like padding anywhere else in the body aside from the digitigrade legs. (If applicable)
Please provide us any additional info that you feel we may need for you costume.
I Have Read the Terms of Service *
Checking this box states that you have read and accept our Terms of Service.