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Los Angeles, CA


MixedCAndy Goat Fursuit For Sale


Mixedcandy Goat fursuit - "Dandi"

Dandi is an original Mixedcandy Goat Fursuit built in 2009. She has had only 2 owners and has been very well kept, loved, and is in like new condition. Dandi was washed and brushed after every use. She's never had a popped seam, and has only needed the outdoor soles replaced every so often.

The hooves are made with a fiberglass shell and have some weight to them. They actually make a "stomp" sound when walking in them. We strongly advise to use caution when wearing the hooves. Do not kick anyone or anything while wearing them!


Head measures around 23" around forehead

Chest up to 40"

Waist up to 42"

Hips up to 48"

Leg inseam 30"

Women's Size 9 lace up shoe

Detached digitigrade padding attached to pants worn underneath suit. Suspenders included.

Current owner in majority of the photos is 5'3" 180lbs. with a lot of wiggle room in the suit, but it has been comfortably worn by someone 6' 200+lbs. The suit was originally built for someone 5'10" and 160-170lbs.


Character name & rights

Various badges by various artists

Working cowbell & ribbon

Action Packer for travel and storage

Brand new outdoor soles on bottom of hooves


Payment is to be made in either one large sum or in two large payments. The fursuit will not be shipped until payment has been made in full and cleared. Shipping is an additional cost depending on the buyer's location. The fursuit will be shipped with tracking and insurance where applicable. We are willing to ship world wide. We accept PayPal, bank transfers and major credit cards through Square.  

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