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Los Angeles, CA

Fursuit Pricing

PAdded Fursuits



Padded fursuits have additional shaping built in to them that gives an additional illusion to the animal/character’s shape. The padding is sewn into the bodysuit via lycra pockets for easy use and comfortable wear. The pockets come pre-stuffed, and have zippers in them to add or remove any additional stuffing.

Padding can be added anywhere on the body as requested by the client. It can be digitigrade style legs, chest, hips/butt, stomach, or anywhere else that is called for in a character’s design. Padding is machine washable with the stuffing inside.





Plantigrade fursuits are custom tailored to the customer’s body shape and size. They have zero padding them and are very easy and comfortable to wear. They are easy to wash and travel with as well.




We offer 2 different eye styles with our heads. One is a flat, toony eye style, and the second is a 3D “follow me” eye style where the eyes will appear to move and “follow” the viewer from all angles of the head. Both styles are very expressive, and we offer a variety of expressions at the customer’s request.