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Paw Pillow Care Guide

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Caring for your Paw Pillow is super easy! It is machine washable! Here's how;

1. Put it in the washing machine with either warm or cold water, set on gentle cycle, and use a light detergent such a Woolite and some fabric softener. Any detergent should work fine, but we prefer Woolite because it guarantees no fading of fabric dyes.

2. Once your wash cycle is done, your Paw Pillow is ready to be dried. To dry you can either air dry your Paw Pillow by simply sitting it front of a fan for a few days in a dry enclosed location, or you can air dry it in your dryer. If you are unsure of the settings on your dryer, try running the "Air Dry" cycle on it for one minute with nothing in it. After the minute, stop the machine and stick your hand inside. If it doesn't feel warm at all, then you have found your setting. DO NOT USE ANY SOURCE OF HEAT FOR DRYING. EVER. NOT EVEN ON "LOW HEAT." Using heat for drying will destroy the synthetic fibers of the fur, permanently ruining the Paw Pillow. Such damages are irreversible. (I personally have made this mistake before on a personal built costume!)

3. You can brush your Paw Pillow with any kind of pet brush or comb to keep it looking fluffy and soft. Just be careful with slicker brushes. Too much brushing with them can cause balding over time, as the bristles in those brushes tear out the fibers. Synthetic fur does not grow back!

If you are unsure of how to care for your Paw Pillow, or have questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.