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Los Angeles, CA

Fursuit: Terms of Service

You must be at least 18 years of age before ordering from us.

REQUIREMENTS TO ORDER - Please completely fill out the Fursuit Order Form when ordering. It will provide us with the essential details for a proper custom fit, and good communication with you. All fursuits require a Duct Tape Dummy in order to ensure a proper and perfect fit to the bodysuit. Please be sure to follow our tutorial in how to make a Duct Tape Dummy. All fursuits require concept art that displays at least the front and the back of the character from head to toe. Please provide G-PG rated concept art. Adult themed concept work will not be accepted. 

PAYMENT- All fursuits are custom quoted based on design. Please be sure to completely fill out the Fursuit Order Form to ensure that a proper quote will be given. Due to the nature of material costs changing all the time, quotes given will expire after 30 days. There is a 30% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on all fursuit orders. No exceptions. The deposit covers material costs up front and guarantees your commission slot.

PAYMENT PLANS - We are very flexible in payment plans. You can send in as much of a payment as you like, and as often as you would like. The full balance of the cost of the fursuit should be completed within one year after receiving the initial down paymentWe will log and record all payments received and provide you with a remaining balance to pay off on your fursuit.  Please keep in mind that if your fursuit is completed before being fully paid off, it will not be delivered until the remaining balance due is paid in full.

FORMS OF PAYMENT - We accept cash, bank certified checks, PayPal, money orders, or bank transfers. Customer is responsible for any additional fees that come with payment services used.

TIMELINE - Your fursuit can take anywhere from 2- 6 months to complete, based on complexity. Please watch our News Section and Twitter for updates , as only a small number of fursuit projects will be taken at a time. Changes to your character can not be made once materials have been purchased. Please verify all aspects of your design before submitting it to us. Any changes requested after such will result in additional charges for time and material costs, and can also push back your completion date. We can not guarantee convention deadlines, so please be sure to keep this in mind when ordering.

SHIPPING AND DELIVERY - We ship world wide. We will ship with tracking and insurance where applicable. Customer is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs. Shipping costs are additional to the initial fursuit quote. Shipping quotes will be provided after fursuit is completed and weighed. Fursuits can be hand delivered at a convention if we are in attendance for no additional cost. If you have a preferred method of shipping, please notify us.

CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS - If at anytime you need to cancel your order for any reason, please contact us ASAP. The amount of your refund will be determined by the amount of work completed on your fursuit along with the amount quoted at the beginning of the project as well as balance paid so far. Refund percentages are as follows;

0% Complete - 70% Refund
25% complete - 45% refund
50% complete - 20% refund
75% complete - no refund
100% complete - no refund 

WARRANTY - We guarantee that our fursuits will last for an entire year after date of completion with normal use and proper care. We are happy to do any repairs after a year for an additional fee. All fursuits sent in for repair must be properly cleaned and washed first. We do not cover repairs for damages caused by blatant abuse to the fursuit or what may be considered normal wear and tear. We will not fix any alterations or modifications that you or someone else have made to your fursuit. If you feel that your fursuit needs any additional modifications, please do not hesitate contact us. We are more than happy to work with you.

PROPER CARE FOR YOUR FURSUIT - Please be sure to read over our Fursuit Care Guide if you are unsure of how to care for and maintain your fursuit. Proper care will keep it looking fresh and new, and provide you with many years of performance and use with it.

REPLACEMENT PARTS -  We are more than happy to make any replacement parts for return customers. Please be sure to contact us for a quote at any time.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS AND INFO - Please be sure to contact us with any other additional questions that you may have at We will do our best to respond in a timely manner. You can also reach us on Twitter with questions.


ONLINE POSTING - At Creative Mochi we reserve the right to post work in progress images and completed works online, unless stated otherwise by the customer. If you would not like us to post any work in progress images or completed images of your commission work, please let us know up front when ordering. This also applies if something is to be bought or commissioned as a secret or a gift for someone else. If we are not notified in advance, we will assume permission to post online.

OWNERSHIP - Creative Mochi owns the illustration, construction and pattern designs of all the final products, but the customer owns the likeness, design of the characters, and the characters themselves being commissioned. We will give proper credit where it is due, and we kindly ask for the same in return.

ALLERGY WARNING - We have a dog whom lives with us. He sometimes hangs out in the work room, but never comes in contact with the materials that we use. If you have a sensitivity or an allergy to pet dander, please let us know in advance so that we can work with you.